Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Real Neat Blog Award

Thank you to the lovely lady at I Heart Fictional People for nominating me for this award! She's a sweetheart, so you should definitely check out her blog.

Here are the rules:
  1. Put the award logo on your blog.
  2. Thank the people who nominated you, linking to their blogs.
  3. Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  4. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.
  5. Let them know you nominated them (by commenting on their blog, etc.)
Now on to the questions:

1. What is your favorite genre and why?

         I currently love fantasy and anything Christian. I love fantasy because I love anything that takes          me off to a new world! I love Christian because I love reading books that can help me connect            in my faith better.

2. Where is your favorite place to read?

         I don't really have a favorite place, to be honest. But I read the most while lying or sitting on              the couch.

3. What are you reading right now? What do you think so far?

         I'm currently reading A Friend in Me by Pamela Havey Lau. I'm loving it so far!

4. What made you want to start a book blog?

         I started this blog because my personal blog was being overrun by my book reviews. I was                getting so many review books that it just made sense to make a separate blog for it.

5. Do you prefer physical books or eBooks?

         I don't really have a preference, but I take my Kindle around more often because it's easier.

6. Who is your favorite author?

        Chris Wooding. Looooove his books!

7. Favorite series?

        I feel like a broken record but... The Edge Chronicles. SO MUCH LOVE. I could read them               again and again.

I nominate:
I'm looking forward to all of your answers! :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Review: Two Girls and a Mouse Tale

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale by Elly and Caroline Collins

Release Date: August 30, 2014
Publisher: Theme Park Press
Genre: Non-fiction
Pages: 174 pages
Format: eBook
Buy It: Amazon
Elly and Caroline Collins aren’t just sisters; they’re best friends, too. So when Elly suggested that they join the Disney College Program together, Caroline went right along. They left their family and boyfriends in Colorado for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live, work, and play with Mickey Mouse.

Two Girls and a Mouse Tale is both diary and tutorial. It offers essential advice on how to get accepted into the Disney College Program, and how to avoid the pitfalls of working for Disney and living in its pressure-cooker environment. But mostly it provides a fun, witty, intimate account of a year spent in the pixie dust trenches of Walt Disney World, taking you behind the scenes, through the theme parks, and out the front gate into the dorm-like Disney apartments and the warts-and-all College Program community.

Caroline and Elly open their diaries and share:

What you absolutely must do to get accepted into the Disney College Program, and what you absolutely must never do
How to pick the best Disney apartment complex, what to pack, whether to enroll in Disney University, and everything else you need to start the program right
Disney roommate stories, including the notorious "Walk of Shame" and the girl who thought Brillo pads worked in the dishwasher
The pure joy of creating "Magical Moments" for park guests
An entire chapter about backstage tours of attractions like Haunted Mansion and Expedition Everest, with trivia only Cast Members know
Plus, glimpses into every aspect of DCP life, from Traditions and training to merchantaining and private Cast Member parties
These two girls really do have a mouse tale to tell. You'll love their honesty, their humor, and most of all their enthusiasm for the happiest place on earth.
After completing my college program in Fall 2013, I longed for more ways to connect with my Disney past and keep in in my present and future. After connecting with Elly Collins in a DCP Alumni group, I was excited to hear about her and her sister's experience during their program so I eagerly bought this ebook.

It was such a change to read about someone else's DCP experience. Not only did the Collins girls attend the WDW college program instead of my Disneyland program, but they attended as sisters and roommates which made for a unique experience.

I wish I had found a book like this before going on my program. They cover everything a potential DCP attendee needs to know, and give advice on things to avoid as well. Much appreciated!

I received this book via purchase through Amazon. I was not required to post positive review, and the thoughts contained herein are my own.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

IMM and Stacking the Shelves: 6/28/15

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme previously hosted by the Kristi at The Story Siren, and Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga from Tynga's Reviews. We share books we received this week, whether we bought them, got them in the mail or checked them out from the library.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Social Media Saturday: 6/27/15

Welcome to Social Media Saturday! This is a meme created by myself, where each week I share a different social media account that I use, and that you as readers can follow to continue connecting to me and my blog!

This week, I'll be focusing on my Twitter account, @Ariel_Librarian. I used to struggle with things to tweet about, and to be honest, I still do! However, I'm learning that sometimes just simple tweets about what I'm thinking about currently can go a long way in spreading my content!

I have my blog posts syndicating to my Twitter each time I post, so if you follow me on Twitter, you can still see every time I post! I often follow back, so feel free to follow me!

Leave your Twitter accounts below and I'd love to check them out!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Mini Review and Blog Tour: A Friend in Me

Release Date: June 1, 2015
Publisher: David C. Cook
Genre: Christian Non-fiction
Pages: 208
Format: Paperback
Buy It: Amazon
Young women long for relational connection with women further ahead of them on the journey. Yet, without realizing it, many of us tend to distance ourselves from those in younger generations. Can we really have close relationships with women who have different thoughts on church, different experiences with family, and different ways of talking about God? Where do we start?

In A Friend in Me, Pam Lau shows you how to be a safe place for the younger women in your life. She offers five patterns women need to internalize and practice for initiating relationships and talking about issues such as faith, forgiveness, sexuality, and vocation. Most significantly, she reminds you that there doesn’t need to be a divide between generations of women. Together, we can have a global impact—and experience a deeper faith than we’ve ever known.
I've been craving more connections with Christian women in my life, so I was eager to review this book. While it is mainly targeted at the older generation of women, this book holds many tips for women of all ages to help increase their connections.

Whether you have many Christian women to share your soul with, or none, this book gives realistic tips and examples of ways both generations of women can help each other connect. If you are of the younger crowd, Pamela explains the signals that can turn the older women off from being close with us. If you are of the older generation, she gives ways to really get us younger women to open up to you.

If you are craving new connections, or simply want to deepen the ones you are already a part of, this book is a great read for you.

I received this book free for review through LitFuse Blog Tours. I was not required to post a positive review, and the thoughts contained herein are my own.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Follow Friday: 6/26/15

Follow Friday is a weekly meme host by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Each week they feature bloggers, and we trade blog follows to meet new people!

The rules are simple:
  1. Follow the hosts, Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. (This is is required.)
  2. Follow both of the featured blogs, one from each host's blog. (This is required.)
  3. Put your blog name and link into the linky on one of the host's pages.
  4. Make your own Follow Friday post and answer the questions or simply say "hi" for new followers to have an easy place to comment.
  5. State your preferred way to be followed, if it's not apparent on your blog.
  6. Follow as many people as you want! Leave a comment so they know you are a new follower.
  7. Follow back when someone new follows you!
I would love to be followed via GFC or RSS if you can follow that way! Otherwise feel free to choose one of the many ways I've listed on my sidebars. Whatever is easiest for you!

This week's question:
Is there a book that you were required to read in school that you actually loved?
Anything Edgar Allen Poe during the poetry units. I'm kind of obsessed with him. It's unhealthy.

Leave a comment down below so I can check out your blog!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Review: The Icing on the Cake

The Icing on the Cake: A Novel by Janice Thompson

Release Date: August 15, 2013
Publisher: Revell
Genre: Christian Romance
Series: Weddings By Design #2
Pages: 320 pages
Format: eBook
Buy It: Amazon
Scarlet isn't sure if she has just the right ingredients for true love--or utter disaster

Scarlet Lindsey is busy making her dreams come true. She's moved her bakery to a prime spot on Galveston's most popular street, she's planning an extravagant cake for her best friend's wedding, and she has a great relationship with Bella Neeley, the island's most popular wedding coordinator. Business is booming and Scarlet is enjoying the ride.

But when Bella's dangerously handsome brother Armando breezes into her life, Scarlet is faced with a sticky situation. Should she stay with the safe, sweet guy who's been a fixture in her life for years? Or will this brash Italian hunk melt her guarded heart?
Once again. the beautiful families, friendships, and romances in this series are evident and entwined throughout the entire novel. While this book is the second in the series, it is a different main character than the first book so you don't need to read the first one if you don't want to.

I loved Scarlet's story more than Hannah's, partially because of the food tie-ins and partially because she is just so lovable! Her self-talk is so relatable and many times I wished I could just give her a big hug. The relationship between her and Armando was realistic, which is refreshing when so many romance novels are predictable.

If you're looking for a sweet romance where family is the icing on the relationship, pick up this book!

I received this book free for review through Revell Blog Tours. I was not required to post a positive review, and the thoughts contained herein are my own.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

IMM and Stacking the Shelves: 6/21/15

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme previously hosted by the Kristi at The Story Siren, and Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga from Tynga's Reviews. We share books we received this week, whether we bought them, got them in the mail or checked them out from the library.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Review: How to Raise Your Parents

Release Date: April 29, 2011
Publisher: Chronicles Books LLC
Genre: YA Non-fiction
Pages: 144
Format: eBook
Buy It: Amazon
Being a teen (or the parent of a teen) doesn't have to be so hard. How to Raise Your Parents will help teens and their parents navigate those years between training bras and keys to the family car. In a voice teens will relate to and parents will appreciate, author Sarah O'Leary Burningham offers smart advice about negotiation and parental hot buttons and a little insight about what the world looks like from a parent's point of view.
In purchasing this book on Amazon (for free, thankfully), I was expecting a book that would help a teenager better understand their parents, while continuing to respect them. While the author did help readers understand parents better, the respect wasn't there. Many of the advice given to teens through this book is disrespectful, and occasionally downright rude to their parents.

While I may not have had the best teenage years myself due to fights with my parents, I still strongly believed in respecting them and their authority. It's saddening to see that this author is encouraging girls to act this way. Don't pick up this book unless you're prepared for what she has to offer.

I received this book through purchase on Amazon. I was not required to post a review, and the thoughts contained herein are my own.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Review: You and Me Forever

Release Date: August 26, 2014
Publisher: Claire Love Publishing
Genre: Christian Devotional
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
Buy It: Amazon
Marriage is great, but it's not forever. It's until death do us part. Then come eternal rewards or regrets depending on how we spent our lives.

In his latest book, Francis Chan joins together with his wife Lisa to address the question many couples wonder at the altar: How do I have a great marriage? Setting aside typical topics on marriage, Francis and Lisa dive into Scripture to understand what it means to have a relationship that satisfies the deepest parts of our souls.

In the same way Crazy Love changed the way we saw our personal relationship with God, You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity will radically shift the way we see one of the most important relationships in our life.

Jesus was right. We have it all backwards. The way to have a great marriage is by not focusing on marriage.  Whether you are single, dating or married, You and Me Forever will help you discover the adventure that you were made for and learn how to thrive in it.

100% of the net profits from You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity will go towards providing food, shelter and rehabilitation for thousands of orphaned children and exploited women in partnership with global charities.
This book isn't what I was expecting when my fiance, Nick, and I decided to join the weekly church study with other married couples. Don't go into reading this book expecting it to be the typical marriage book, because it isn't. It's so much more than that.

Francis and Lisa really want Christian couples to realize that as Christians, our marriages take a back seat to the marriage we have with Christ. However, we need to work together to help each other run that race into eternity as best as we can.

It's a book full of advice, tips, and real life experiences from a couple who is just like every one else. They've been there; they get the struggles we all face. But even so they are still pushing forward and help readers to push forward as well.

I received this book for a church study. I was not required to post a review, and the thoughts contained herein are my own.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Bloggiesta Wrap-up

Time to wrap-up this weekend's mini Bloggiesta. I'll be crossing out the tasks I completed, then go into more detail down below of what I did for each task.
  • Clean up labels/tags
  • Update Goodreads
  • Update master review spreadsheet
  • Write 1 review
  • Clean up sidebars
  • Create template and start Social Media Saturday
  • Update blogroll
Clean up labels/tags: I added tags to all of my old posts that didn't have any, deleted old tags that I no longer use, as well as deleted some older posts that are no longer relevant to this blog. Afterwards, I added the label cloud to my sidebar to make it easier for my readers to find specific posts!

Update Goodreads: This task was the one I expected to get the least amount done, and I actually got a decent amount done. I cleaned out my "to-read" shelf and deleted books I'm no longer interested in, added some of my Amazon books that I plan to read (eventually...), deleted my 2012 Debut Author Challenge shelf (since, you know, it's 2015...), and created a new shelf called "review needed" where I added books I have read but not reviewed yet. This actually added more work to my master spreadsheet task (more below) because now I have 15 new reviews to write, but it was less than I thought so yay!

Update master review spreadsheet: I finished the one outstanding review on my sheet (see below) and scheduled that for this week. I filled in all pertinent info, now I just need to add the 15 new reviews from Goodreads

Write 1 review: As mentioned above, I completed the one outstanding review on my master spreadsheet.

Clean up sidebars: I added every possible social media account you can follow my blog with, as well as moved some of the order around. I also added the label cloud from above.

Create template and start Social Media Saturday: I didn't complete the template until today, so I wasn't able to start that this week. Now that the template is finished, I hope to start that next weekend!

Update blogroll: I updated and cleaned out my blogroll.

Overall, I got a lot more done than I was expecting! I feel much better about the work I need to do to catch up on reviews, as well as fit those into real life.

How did you do? Link your posts below!

IMM and Stacking the Shelves: 6/14/15

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme previously hosted by the Kristi at The Story Siren, and Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga from Tynga's Reviews. We share books we received this week, whether we bought them, got them in the mail or checked them out from the library.

Friday, June 12, 2015


Happy Friday everyone! IT'S THE WEEKEND! I'm super excited about this particular Friday because it's the end of the school year here in Washington so all my kids were crazy today. I'm ready for the weekend!

This weekend is also a mini Bloggiesta. Bloggiesta is where various bloggers work on tasks to update their blog, catch up on reviews, or anything else their blog needs! I will be attempting to participate, so below is my mini to-do list for the weekend. I won't be doing any mini challenges, mainly because I'm not sure how much I will accomplish.
  • Clean up labels/tags
  • Update Goodreads
  • Update master review spreadsheet
  • Write 1 review
  • Clean up sidebars
  • Create template and start Social Media Saturday
  • Update blogroll
That's all I can think of, and I don't want to get overzealous and get nothing done sooooo here's hoping I can accomplish something! Leave your lists down below so I can cheer you on!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Follow Friday

Follow Friday is a weekly meme host by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Each week they feature bloggers, and we trade blog follows to meet new people!

This week's question:

If you can step into one characters shoes (in a book) and be them for a day who would it be and why? Also if you want to be creative, what scene?

I would love to be Maugin from The Edge Chronicles. I love that series, and I love how firey and independent she is! She really proves how much she is able to handle throughout her story.

Leave a comment down below so I can check out your blog!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Review: Depression: Drowning in Air

Release Date: March 26, 2015
Publisher: Watchtower Publishing
Genre: Non-fiction
Pages: 146
Format: eBook
Buy It: Amazon
UNDERSTANDING DEPRESSION Depression has definitely become more recognized in recent years in general society. But that doesn’t mean it’s widely accepted, understood, or properly dealt with. I believe that one of the best ways to improve this is through education, especially through hearing from people who are brave enough to share their stories. That is my intention with this book: to use my story to help you understand depression and learn how you can help yourself if you’re struggling. In this book, I share my secrets and show you some of the darkest times of my life. It’s been hard to write about these times, but above all, I want you to know that you’re not alone. I got through my dark times, and with the right information and help, so can you. It is not my objective to sugarcoat anything, nor to give you some “quick fix” solution. There is no quick fix for depression, and those who say there is obviously have never truly experienced it for themselves. WHO AM I? You could say I’m nobody. I have no degree. I’m not a licensed professional. I’m not a doctor—I don’t even play one on TV. What I do have is my experience. I’ve been through anxiety and depression. I’ve hit rock bottom, shattering so hard that I thought I could never be put back together. I lay there, wounded, for years, only to find a sense of motivation from within that I didn’t know existed—a resilience in my very being that wouldn’t allow me to give up without a fight. I patched my wounds, staggered to my feet, and stood tall for the world—and myself—to see. Then I took my first step towards freedom. Overcoming depression isn’t something that happens overnight. It’s a journey. By showing you my journey, I want to provide you with a sense of hope. I want to equip you with the tools necessary to make your own journey, and guide you towards the first step. INSIDE DEPRESSION: My Battle... Inside You'll Discover... -My story and personal battle with depression -My struggle with suicide and how I OVERCAME it! -The series of events that lead me to reach such a low point -My personal struggle with debilitating anxiety and how I worked to overcome it! -My advice for others, including how to find strength in the struggle and come out the other side STRONGER! -How to find the joy in life again! -Plus much, much more! WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE? Download and learn practical, real world advice, about how to properly overcome depression and anxiety!
I was recently diagnosed with depression, which is why I jumped at the chance to read this book when Amazon listed it for free. The author starts by chronicling his journey through depression, which how it was triggered all the way up until his final point of climbing up from rock bottom. His journey showcases many ups and downs, as well as many common triggers that people with depression can struggle with.

He not only lists his approach to combating depression, but makes it clear that there is not one solution for every person. He also gives his own personal advice on options such as counseling or medication use. While he makes it clear that he is not a doctor, I still found those parts odd.

If you're looking for a book to help relate to your own journey through depression, as well as ways to cope and survive, this is a great option.

I received this book by purchasing it through Amazon. I was not required to post a review, and the thoughts contained herein are my own.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Review: Called to Be Amish

Release Date: February 9, 2015
Publisher: Herald Pr
Genre: Amish Non-fiction
Series: Plainspoken #2
Pages: 256
Format: Paperback
Buy It: Amazon
Fewer than one hundred people have joined the Old Order Amish and stayed since 1950. Marlene C. Miller is one of them. In this rare memoir, Marlene recounts her unhappy and abusive childhood, how she throws herself into cheerleading and marching band, and how she falls in love with Johnny, the gentle young Amish man who helps her lace her ice skates.

Against the wishes of both sets of parents, Marlene and Johnny get married and begin a family. Follow the author on this unusual journey to find out how God s love called her out of bitterness and depression and into the warm embrace of her new Amish community.

Accompany her as she dons an Amish dress and prayer covering and gets baptized. Learn how she endures the strain of ten children, a hundred-acre farm, and accidents and tragedy, and find out how she comes close to walking away from it all. Turning Amish has proven to be anything but plain and simple for this former majorette. But nearly fifty years later, Marlene is still living out God's call as an Old Order Amish woman.
I'll start off by saying I do not request books unless I can see myself enjoying them. I was expecting this book to be non-fiction, but I was thinking it would focus more on Marlene;s love story rather than her upbringing. Unfortunately, I had a hard time getting into the book at the beginning due to the extensive family back story this book starts with. I felt it dragged a bit too much, and I didn't enjoy it as much because of it.

This is not to say that her story was not interesting; it certainly was. I'm sure many people enjoyed this book, and will continue to enjoy this book! There was simply too much history for my taste. Unfortunately I could not finish this book.

I received this book free for review through LitFuse Blog Tours. I was not required to post a positive review, and the thoughts contained herein are my own.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

IMM and Stacking the Shelves: 6/7/15

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme previously hosted by the Kristi at The Story Siren, and Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga from Tynga's Reviews. We share books we received this week, whether we bought them, got them in the mail or checked them out from the library.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mini Review and Blog Tour: Summer in Snow Valley

Summer in Snow Valley  
Summer in Snow Valley

Summer in Snow Valley #1 Bestselling Amazon Authors of Christmas in Snow Valley, have teamed up again with six wonderful summer novellas that are sure to make your summer sweet and sassy!

Catching Caytie by Amazon Top Seller Cindy Roland Anderson On the night Caytie Holbrook intends to break up with her cheating boyfriend, he blindsides her by announcing their engagement at a dinner party. When Caytie discovers her father is in on the scheme, she runs away from her home in Beverly Hills to hide out at her uncle’s ranch in Snow Valley, Montana. While Snow Valley is a beautiful place, Caytie only plans to stay until her twenty-fifth birthday when she’ll inherit a trust fund her grandmother left her, allowing her to pursue her dream to move to Italy. That is until she meets Jace McAllister, an incredibly sexy—although somewhat grumpy—cowboy who threatens to disrupt her plans.

Tin Foil Tiaras by Amazon Top Seller Jeanette Lewis Cameron Elliott has come to Snow Valley to coach Annalisa Drake in the Miss Snow Valley pageant, and prove to her demanding boss that she deserves a place at the prestigious Westbrooke Agency. But Annalisa’s handsome and protective big brother, Kyle, is determined to keep his sister from becoming a reluctant beauty queen. As Cameron tries to win Kyle over, Kyle insists some things are more valuable than a title and as crazy as it sounds, Cameron might just believe him.

A Touch of Love by Amazon Top Seller Cami Checketts Annie Stirland has endured a lifetime of teasing, embarrassment, and isolation due to her speech impediment. When irresistible cowboy, Luke Wilson, seems to be falling for her, she’s certain he’s too good to be true. A tragedy involving his ex-girlfriend proves she’s right. What man can resist sheltering someone they once loved? Annie knows she should walk away, but Luke isn’t ready to give her up.

First Love; Love First by Amazon Top Seller Taylor Hart Janet Snow doesn’t expect to get caught in a full-blown make out session at her brother’s wedding. Especially not with Michael Hamilton, the boy she’d written off ten years ago. Even though they both agree to no complications, Janet's not sure they can stick to it given their past. After a trip to the hot springs, a helicopter ride, and a proposal, even the most cautious single mother would start to wonder if true love really is just about the timing. Now Janet has to make a choice—play it safe or trust that her first love could also be her last.

Romancing Rebecca by Amazon Top Seller, Kimberley Montpetit Rebecca Dash loved spending her teen summers swooning over Jane Austin and helping her aunt at the Starry Skies Bed & Breakfast in Snow Valley. But as a recent college grad, she’d rather write sappy romance novels than go out with guys that make her a nervous wreck. When a team of fire-fighters set up camp on the lawns of the B&B and Captain Wade catches her eye, Becca soon learns that there’s more to a happily-ever-after than a flirty fireman with muscles the size of the Montana hills.

Love in Light and Shadow by Amazon Top Seller Lucy McConnell Mercedes O'Shay has sworn off gorgeous men because they have a tendency to break her heart. When she meets her new neighbor, Chet Bauer, she immediately puts him in the Do Not Date category based on his well-defined muscles and stunning blue eyes. But the more Mercedes learns about the cowboy who reads classics and forges iron, the more she realizes the heart doesn't see in black and white; it sees light and shadows.
Grab your copy for just 99 cents!

Summer in Snow Valley Graphic 99 cents  
Buy Summer in Snow Valley
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My Review:
If you're looking for a light summer romance to read, this collaboration is the one you want. All five stories share the same location in Snow Valley, Montana, but each romance is unique based on the characters and their situations. With five books in one, you certainly can't beat the price! Defnitely take some time to check on these stories.
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