Review Policy

Review requests are currently closed. Please do not e-mail me with review requests, I will not respond! I am very behind on reviews and will be catching up before accepting any new ones. Thank you!

Note: I am still requesting books through my review sites, but only ones I know I will be interested in. I am not accepting direct review requests.


I am a broad reviewer and will often review anything I am requested to read. However, I do have a few requirements.

1. I don't often read adult books, but may be open to them depending on the genre of book.
2. I will not read any erotica.
3. I typically don't enjoy paranormal, but you can always ask!
4. I do accept self-published books.
5. If the book you are requesting is not the first book in a series, please ask to see if I have read the others first, before officially requesting me to read it.
6. If you need my review posted by a certain time, please give at least a month's notice ahead of time.

If you feel as though your book fits these requirements, e-mail me here with your request. Please include the title of your book, the author, the synopsis, the release date if it is not already released, and when you need my review posted by.

Thank you for considering me!
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