Monday, August 1, 2011

Review - The Immortals (Edge Chronicles, Book 10)

This is the synopsis from Goodreads:

For readers who love fantasy, the most spectacular Edge story yet!

Nate Quarter, a young Lamplighter from the mines of the eastern woods, is propelled on an epic journey of self-discovery that encompasses tournaments, battles, revolutions and a final encounter with the Immortals themselves.

This is the final tale in the Edge Chronicles sequence and it is a fabulous climax to the most original and dramatic fantasy series being written today. Set years into the future, this book is ideal for new readers to discover the series before going back to read the “history” of Twig, Rook and Quint.

Packed with incredible illustrations from Chris Riddell, this is a wonderfully funny, moving and utterly inventive book.

My review: 5 stars

Plot: Were do I even start?! This final book surpassed my expectations. Stewart weaves in pieces from the original nine books, leaving a true fan (such as myself) tearing up at the little mentions of the past stories. The actions keeps you interested all the way until the end, even creating a sort of "false ending" 100 pages until the actual end.

Characters: Nate is a new character, having not been born in any of the previous trilogies. We learn about his life and are swept up into his adventures with Eudoxia and the others, and follow them until the end.

Setting: I LOVED the return of Riverrise and Sanctaphrax! While they were not the same as they were in the previous books, they were still sentimental scenes that made me cry like a baby.

Overall: This book is my new favorite book. It elegantly brought in a new story while wrapping up the loose ends of the other books. The ending shocked me, but it was an amazing ending that couldn't have been more perfectly done. Paul Stewart is an author that is not well-known, but he knows what he's doing and is one of my favorite authors.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like you really enjoyed this series. I haven't heard of these books but will give them a go. Great review.


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