Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review - Outta the Bag (Me, Myself, and Why? Prequel)

Starting with this review I'm planning on separating my review into plot, characters, setting, and my overall opinion of the story. Hopefully I can give more in-depth reviews this way.

Here is the synopsis from Amazon:

From New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson, comes OUTTA THE BAG the hilarious prequel story to her upcoming novel ME, MYSELF AND WHY, the first in a brand new series. In OUTTA THE BAG, Clive Better—the better-than-best plumber in town—attends a speed dating event where—instead of attempting to score phone numbers—he recounts his recent run-in with a freaked-out cat and a sexy-but-psychotic woman that has left him confused, scratched up, and rather aroused.  

My review: 2 stars

Plot: Since this was a prequel, it didn't have much of a plot line. And honestly, I felt the plot line didn't make any sense.
Characters: The blond that the plumber talks about it just plain WEIRD. I think she might have multiple personalities, because of how drastically she changes over the short time of the story. While she is interesting, she was just odd and didn't interest me much.
Setting: Since it was such a short story, there isn't much setting. Basically it's just set around the guy's plumbing truck. Nothing too exciting.
Overall: This book did nothing for me. I'm sorry, but I prefer my short stories to pull me into the series and want to look into it, and this book didn't. I was quite disappointed.

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