Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Contemporary Month: Week One

Welcome to Contemporary Month! This month is hosted by Shanyn from Chick Loves Lit and Ashley from Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing. For the first week, the topic is Why We Love Contemporary. I swapped posts with Kailia from Reading the Best of the Best, and this is why she loves contemporary! 

YA contemporary books have changed me so much and for the better. When I was younger, I was a very awkward girl. I didn’t think I fit in with my friends and I often judged myself. There were time when I had low self esteem and other times when my ego would go too far. I was far, far from perfect and I was…different. For the longest time I thought this was bad. I didn’t like being different from my friends. I often asked myself why I wasn’t more like them. It wasn’t until I read a YA novel that I changed my way of thinking.

In this YA contemporary book, I read about a character who felt the same way I did and I loved, loved knowing that I wasn’t alone. I learned that everyone is different and everyone, at some point in their life (and if they don’t get this feeling, well, then they were really special) feels like they don’t belong or fell awkward or judge themselves or something.
 For the first time, I was able to connect with someone, even if they weren’t real, about real topics and feelings and such. I didn’t feel so alone and isolated anymore. I also began to see the world in a different point of view. I knew from an early age that the world wasn’t perfect but YA books showed me that no one was perfect, no matter how they seemed. 

 I love YA contemporary books because they are real and true and something I can connect with. No matter how sucky or weird or tiring my real life becomes, I can always count on a contemporary book to help me out. I don’t feel alone in having a bad day or liking a guy who doesn’t like me back. 

 I love YA contemporary books because they are my get-away-books. While paranormal books and fantasies are fun to read, sometimes I just want to read about another girl (or guy’s) life and what they are up to. I want to read about their problems and think about their life. I want to get away to a real world where I can recognize things and other such. 

 I love YA contemporary books because they taught me that it’s okay to be different. No two people are alike. It’s not a bad thing to be unlike other people. YA taught me that we’re all different and in all situations, we all think differently. 

 I love YA contemporary books because they have taught me that we are all different and that is what makes us amazing.

Such a great post! Be sure to head over to her blog to read my post! Also, check out the hosts' blogs for more stories!


  1. Great post! I have to admit I'm more of a fan of the "fictional" side of YA Contemporary but I like to throw in a real-teen once in a while! I agress, books are great ways to cope with problems, deal with change and "getaway"

    Fantastic :)

  2. Ow wow, this is an awesome post! Thank you so much for sharing and I'm so glad that Contemporary has been able to impact you so strongly!


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