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Guest Post: Top Ten Cutest Couples in Contemporary YA Books

Hi guys! My name is Mary from Anxirium. That's my blog's name, just in case. (laughs) I want to thank Ariel for having me in her blog for this month to celebrate the Contemporary YA Month. I love this idea because all I blog and review are contemporary YA books! Okay, I love reading about love stories in books and I decided to come up with a "Top Ten Couples" list. Here we go!

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Anna and Will from Sixteenth Summer: I didn't love the book because the relationship between them happened too fast but there's something about them I can't just ignore. Maybe is because Will is Anna's first love, or maybe is the beach or the ice cream. They're sweet, maybe too sweet but somehow unforgettable.

Lucy and Shadow from Graffiti Moon: I can't say much without spoiling the book but this is a couple you will want to read about next year! She's so fascinated by his art and he's so...mysterious. Their story will keep you flipping the pages and giggling and swooning and... you get my point. And what's more romantic that having the book come out on Valentine's Day?

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Jennifer and Cameron from Sweethearts: (sigh) I can't think about them without feeling sad. They have an incredible friendship. Let's say they are "best friends forever". They will break your heart -- like the cover.

Amy and Roger from Amy & Roger's Epic Detour: Anna is on a road trip with Roger because he's taking her to Connecticut. And in the way there, they fall for each other. But it's so frustrating because they don't see it for a while. I wanted to just get in the book and have them make a move or something.

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Anna and Tyler from Moonglass: They're one of my favorite couples. For once, is her trying to get his attention and flirt with him and he's doesn't show any interest. Tyler works for Anna's father and her dad doesn't want his employees dating her daughter, which makes for some hilarious scenes in the book.

Mia and Adam from If I Stay: Okay, so what if she's in a coma?! The flashback Mia gives us are more than enough to break our hearts! I can't think about this couple without tearing up! I have to remind myself that, well, they aren't real. They're my favorite couple, by the way.

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Taylor and Jonah from Jellicoe Road: They're both so alike in a way that she can't stand him and he can't stand her but it works. They're both strong "go for what they want" kind of characters.

Auden and Eli from Along For The Ride: My favorite Sarah Dessen book! I like them together because Auden is this studious girl and Eli is this layback "BMX- bike riding" kind of guy. They both have trouble sleeping and they spend time getting to know each other pass midnight.

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Anna and St. Clair from Anna And The French Kiss: So, so, so, amazing! They become friends first and you feel their attraction towards each other but they can't do anything about it because HE. HAS. A. GIRLFRIEND. They had me biting my nails!

Maggie and Caleb from Leaving Paradise: I love couples who don't like each other at first and this is one of them. He's was in juvie because he hit Maggie while driving drunk and because of that she walks with a limp. But they are super cute together when they, you know, stop hating each other.

Mary is the blogger behind Anxirium. She fell in love with contemporary YA with one of the Sarah Dessen books. She still doesn't remember which one it was! She also loves to draw, watch college football and the smell of Sharpies!


  1. What a fun & cute idea! Aww! Seriously- LOVE! :D


    Ahem. Great post! I love it! Like, a lot! :D

  2. Ariel that is such a cute idea to have the cutest literary couples featured from Young Adult fiction. Now maybe one day I'll have to have a blog featuring the cutest regular fiction couples!! Great job to Mary!


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